Keeping Up With Farkeep

Here is the development blog for Farkeep

Tech-demo and progress


Oi adventurers!

We recently made our tech-demo publicly available! All feedback is appreciated, but especially good for us to know is if it runs smooth on your system!

If you want to help us out and see some early footage, you can download the tech-demo from

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Announcing Farkeep


This website just flew up so here is a first cool screenshot of art from our artist Andreas and visual effects generated by our Candide Engine!

Outside of an old hidden temple

So what is Farkeep?
Farkeep is an epic adventure roleplaying game heavily inspired by games such as Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, Undertale and Hammerwatch. The game takes part in the world of Kerroan, a medieval fantasy inspired world where mystery lurks around every corner.

What is this Candide Engine?

It’s an engine we’ve developed to sculpt 3D terrain from 2D pixelart, making us able to use 3D-shading, dynamic lighting and other cool 3D-effects in the game.

When will the game be released?

We have no set date yet, but a rough estimate would be about two years from now. However, there will be plenty of excitement and insight shared along the way. Read about our plan below.

Where will the game be available?
It will be released primarily on PC and then on consoles if there is a substantial market for it.

What is the plan?
We are planning on having a crowdfunding event in the fall together with the release of a small demo to showcase what the game will be like. You can follow the development by being cool and hanging out in the Discord, subscribing to our email-list on our website or following us on Twitter! We will be posting updates regularly.